Module 3A

Canberra Croquet Club
Introductory Coaching Notes

Golf Croquet


In this Module you will learn:

how to play a simplified form of Golf Croquet

What is Golf Croquet?

Golf Croquet is a game in itself, completely separate from Association Croquet. There are Golf Croquet tournaments so it is not just a beginner’s game. The Law book defines the Rules for Golf Croquet. In this Module you will learn a slightly simplified version. Golf Croquet is an excellent way to practice judging how hard to hit a ball, hoop running, and all those other things you learnt in Module 2.

The Rules

As in Association Croquet the blue and black balls play against red and yellow (if you are using secondary colours then it is green and brown, against pink and white). Games can either be singles or doubles. If it is doubles then each of the two partners has one ball only. The game is a contest of 13 points (hoops 1 to rover, and then hoop 3 again).

Each ball is for the same hoop, and a point is scored for the side whose ball first runs the hoop in order. To run a hoop in order means to run it in the correct direction. The normal hoop order and direction applies.

Each person has only the one stroke in each turn. The balls are played in colour sequence (blue, red, black, and then yellow).

Before the game there is a toss. The winner can elect whether to take the choice of lead (play first or second), or choose which balls. The loser of the toss then has the other choice.

To start the game off the balls are played from Corner 4 towards hoop 1.

In Golf Croquet (and Association Croquet) a ball must pass completely through a hoop to score the point. To understand this we use several terms. The playing side of a hoop is the side you have to run the hoop from. The non-playing side of a hoop is the other side. A straight edge is a piece of equipment that is moved up the side of a hoop to see if a ball is "poking through". A ball begins to run a hoop when a straight edge raised on the non-playing side can touch the ball. A ball completes running a hoop when a straight edge raised on the playing side cannot touch it. (That sounds complicated – your coach will demonstrate it!).



You must always contest the correct hoop. If you go for the next hoop your ball is replaced where it was and your turn ends.

You must always play in the correct sequence. If you play out of order your ball is put back where it was before your turn, and the correct person plays.

If you play the wrong ball it is replaced, and you then play the correct ball.