Module 8

Canberra Croquet Club
Introductory Coaching Notes

The Rush


In this Module you will learn:

how to play a rush shot

In previous modules you have learnt how to play all the different types of croquet strokes and how to manoeuvre the balls in doing so. But so far you have not learnt how to position balls on the lawn in any other way. You can use the roquet stroke as well. A rush is a roquet stroke in which your ball hits another ball and sends that to where you require it so that you can take croquet at that position on the court.

In a long rush you will need to hit the ball harder, and for that you need a longer backswing. To play a rush you need to ensure that your hands are near the top of the mallet shaft. You will also need to stand slightly further back from the ball than when making a normal roquet.

For an accurate rush the ball you are roqueting (the target ball) should not be more than about a metre away. Longer distances will making the direction in which you rush the ball inaccurate.

To rush in a straight line ensure that the centre of your ball strikes the centre of the target ball.

A cut rush is where you deliberately cause your ball to hit the target ball off-centre to send the roqueted ball off at an angle. For a cut rush you will have to hit harder to send the target ball a given distance compared with a straight rush.