Croquet in the National Capital
Mallet Head

The format for introductory coaching lessons is six 2-hour lessons, with one coach to 2-4 students. The lessons focus on Association Croquet though instruction in Golf Croquet is also included.

The course introduces the basic skills of the game (such as swinging the mallet; single ball shots; the croquet shots – two balls played in the one shot, to produce up to 12 different outcomes) and a rudimentary appreciation of the tactics to be employed in a game.

As with many sports, you will not be able to pick up all the rules, complexities, and subtleties in these introductory lessons. But you will be in a position to start enjoying the challenge of the game.

If you have problems with certain aspects we encourage you to seek help from your Coach, and to work on them through practice and reading between lessons. Conversely, if you breeze through and display exceptional skills, your coach can introduce you to more complex situations.

Participants in the course receive a collection of Coaching Notes and a copy of the booklet “Beginning Croquet” by Chambers and Hall.

Members continue to provide guidance and assistance to new members, including more advanced coaching, as mastery of the game requires application and practice over some time, depending on individual aptitudes.

Equipment: The club provides all the equipment, and has a range of mallets that can be borrowed. The only dress stipulation is that you wear flat-soled shoes. Shorts or slacks are preferred since the modern method is to play centre-style, swinging the mallet between the legs.

Further Resources: Reading books on Croquet is an excellent way to gain insight into what you are learning, and to get extra knowledge. There are a number of very good publications that explain all aspects of the game. The ACT Library Service has a number of books at various branches. Better ones are: "The Australian Croquet Manual'' (Sloane), "Croquet: The Skills of the Game'' (Lamb), and "Croquet'' (Solomon). Club members have access to the Club's library, containing many books and videos.

Practice: While reading is useful, the best way to improve is to practice. We encourage you to practice between lessons. Your Coach may be able to arrange for a Club member to be present at suitable times to allow you to come along and practice.

The Club has members across a wide range of ages and skill levels, including social players and NSW state team and National representatives, so you will find plenty of support no matter at what level you are playing the game.


Last updated: 6 September, 2010

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