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The Canberra Croquet Club conducts introductory coaching lessons when appropriate numbers of people are interested.

The format for the lessons is four 2-hour lessons, with one coach to 2-6 students. The lessons cover an Introduction to both Golf Croquet and Association Croquet.

The cost is $50. The course fee will be deducted from your membership fees if you join the Club.

Lessons in Golf Croquet through the U3A classes are also held once or twice a year.

Contact the Coaching Co-ordinator for further information, or to sign up for lessons.

Application Form for Lessons: When you have confirmation of lessons being held, and your desire to attend, you are invited to complete the application form. It can be downloaded (Word or PDF format) or obtained by mailing Coaching Co-ordinator. It may be returned by post or email.

Introducing Croquet

The Game of Croquet can be described as a cross between Snooker and Chess, played on a bowling green. It is a challenging and exciting sport for people of all ages, requiring tactical ability, judgement and skill rather than strength and fast reflexes.

The Canberra Croquet Club plays 3 forms of mallet sports:

  • Golf Croquet - a game involving alternate single-ball strokes in which individual games can last from -1 hour; and
  • Association Croquet - a game involving single-ball and two-ball strokes and break making in which individual games can last from 1-2 hours
  • Gateball - a game played by pairs, triples or teams of 5 players involving single-ball and two-ball strokes and break making in which individual games last 30 minutes.


All variations of the game are enjoyed at the Club as a social recreation, or as a competitive sport at Club, State, National and International levels.

Introductory Lesson Plan

Lesson 1: An Introduction to the game of Golf Croquet

Lesson 2: An Introduction to Association Croquet

Lesson 3: Further on Golf Croquet; Tactics, Rules & Etiquette

Lesson 4: Further on Association Croquet, revision and skill drills

Equipment: The CCC provides all the equipment, and has a range of mallets that can be borrowed. The only dress stipulation is that you wear flat-soled shoes. Shorts or slacks are preferred since the modern method is to play centre-style, swinging the mallet between the legs.

Further Resources: Reading books on Croquet is an excellent way to gain insight into what you are learning, and to get extra knowledge. Club members have access to the Club's library, containing many books, videos and DVDs. Check out Resources on this website.

Practice: While reading is useful, the best way to improve is to practice. We encourage you to practice between lessons. Your Coach may be able to arrange for a Club member to be present at suitable times to allow you to come along and practice.

Joining the Club: You are encouraged to complete the full course of lessons before formally joining the Club. If you would like to practice what you are learning, liaise with your coach who can assist you getting access to the lawns. The Club lawns are in heavy use, and it is important to be briefed on access to equipment and lawns.

Complete the Membership Application Form, and pay the fees as advised by the Membership Officer. Members can access the Club at any time, subject to the regular lawn bookings, and your level of expertise. Mallets can be borrowed if you decide not to buy your own, and there are no green fees, so the only cost is the annual membership fee. Members provide guidance and assistance to new members, including more advanced coaching opportunities, as mastery of the game requires application and practice over some time, depending on individual aptitudes.

Last updated: 8 April, 2020

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