Coaching Resources

Mallet Head

The Coaching Coordinator prepares an annual Coaching Plan to encourage members to continuously improve their game.

Other coaching resources are available as listed below.

Introductory Lessons

The Canberra Croquet Club conducts introductory coaching lessons when appropriate numbers of people are interested.

The format is four 2-hour lessons, with one coach to 2-6 students. The lessons cover an Introduction to Golf Croquet and Association Croquet.

Introductory Lesson Plan

Lesson 1: An Introduction to the game of Golf Croquet

Lesson 2: An Introduction to Association Croquet

Lesson 3: Further on Golf Croquet; Tactics, Rules & Etiquette

Lesson 4: Further on Association Croquet, revision and skill drills

More detailed Introductory Lessons

More detailed Introductory lessons which focus on Association Croquet are also available as a resource for members.

Advanced Coaching

Members of the Club have access to advanced modules. These take the same form as the Introductory Modules and are offered from time to time.

Association Croquet

  1. The Cannon
  2. Using Bisques
  3. Openings
  4. Basic Break Making
  5. Lifts & Leaves
  6. Split Shots (PDF)
  7. Effective Practice (PDF)
  8. Basic Laws Course (not available online).
  9. Peeling (not available online).

Golf Croquet

  1. Tactics (PDF)
  2. Taking Extra Turns (PDF)
  3. Div 1 Training Drills (Excel) Or Div 1 Training Drills (PDF)
  4. Div 3 Training Drills (Excel) Or Div 3 Training Drills (PDF)
  5. U21 GC Drills (PDF)
  6. Lessons from Pennant Play (CCC eyes only) (PDF)


  1. Gateball, the mental side (PDF format)
  2. Sport Psychology, the mental game by Geoff Jamieson (PDF format)


  1. Simplified Ricochet Rules
  2. Rules of Ricochet (published 2009, courtesy Croquet Association of Queensland) (PDF format)

Other Coaching Resources

Issues in buying a Croquet Mallet (PDF)

Books and other publications, videos and DVDs we have in our library (PDF)

Golf Croquet coaching tips

Bury, Greg Through the Hoops: techniques for Golf Croquet, 2nd ed, 2013 Hague, Michael, Golf Croquet Tactics, 2nd ed, 2012

A list of resources (books, videos, mallet makers, etc) (PDF format).

Golf Croquet glossary

There are a number of other coaching resources on the Web

  1. John Riches Books. These are produced by one of Australia's top coaches and are progressively becoming freely available online. They are available either in HTML or PDF format from the Oxford Croquet website.
  2. The Oxford Croquet site has information for the complete beginner, the beginner (including handicap play), intermediate level (breaks, openings, leaves, bisques, and much more), and advanced leel play (peeling, supershot opening, etc). All players are strongly advised to use this site often.
  3. A Plan For Practice (courtesy of the English Croquet Association) (PDF format)
  4. Clarke Croquet You will need to register at this website but it is free and and excellent value for both GC and AC.

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