Come & Try

Come and Try sessions are currently suspended due to the high level of membership

They are usually held on the club lawns at Coronation Drive, Yarralumla, next to the Hyatt Hotel on the first Sunday of March and August at 1pm, but the date may change if a conflict with a special event occurs. The next session is listed on our home page or email the Coaching Coordinator

Introductory Lessons are offered several times a year. A 5 lesson Golf Croquet course is organised in association with U3A once or twice a year. Contact the Coaching Co-ordinator for more information.

Come and Try days

Please be there by 1pm. The session will finish by 3pm.

If you are thinking of bringing a large group please contact us as a private hiring may be more appropriate.

Parking is available off Flynn Drive, around the back of the Hyatt past their tennis court.

Flat-soled shoes are required for walking on the croquet lawn and a hat is strongly recommended because you will be out in the open during a Come-and-Try Day.

At a Come-and-Try day you will be shown first how to hold and swing a croquet mallet. You will then be introduced to aspects of croquet that involve hitting a ball through a narrow hoop and manoeuvring other balls to your advantage. For the rest of the session you will be playing the game usually in a group of four.

Croquet is not as easy as it looks and you will find it a challenging experience. It can be played by anyone as physical strength is not required - the challenge involves combining skill and tactics.